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David Brown, owner Triad Defense

Triad Defense provides expert training in the use of firearms and personal defense. Classes are available for individuals seeking to sharpen their existing defensive skills, earn State of New Mexico Concealed Carry Certification or to become certified as a New Mexico security guard at Levels 1, 2, and 3. Training may be tailored to private individuals or provided on a corporate level.

Upcoming Classes:

Continuing Education hours, as well as re-qualifications for CCW and Level 3, NM Security Officers are conducted on a continual basis. Call for details.

Level 2 and Level 3 Security Guard initial certification courses are scheduled as requested by agencies or individuals. Call for details.

February 1: Level 1 Security Guard Certification Training

February 7: Level 1 Security Guard Certification Training--Closed Special Training Session

February 10 and 11: New Mexico Concealed Carry Certification

February 15: Level 1 Security Guard Certification Training

February 17: Tactical Knife Seminar

February 24: Expandable Baton for Self Defense

February 25: Triad Defense instructor continuing education (closed to public)

Why Triad?


Highly experienced and dedicated instructor:

Triad Defense's primary instructor David Brown is a decorated, retired police officer and military veteran with a total of 32 years serving this country. His investigative background and experience training police as well as Probation Parole Officers to handle contentious interactions brings a unique depth to Triad's training.

Detailed, scenario-based curriculum:

Triad training is fundamentally based on exposure to real world situations thereby honing decision making. Knowing when to talk is just as important as knowing what should be said. Knowing when to take physical action is just as important as knowing your physical capabilities. Knowing when to shoot is just as critical as knowing how to shoot.

Unique conflict resolution techniques:

David Brown developed a specific system of Verbal de-escalation known as Verbal Diplomacy: Critical Communication Assessments, for the New Mexico Department of Corrections Probation and Parole. Learning this style of conflict resolution makes Triad an excellent choice for the clients interested in developing defensive skills on all levels.

Progressive training:

Instructors for Triad Defense must continually attend recertification training as well as continuing education in order to provide training certified by the NRA, Private Investigator Licensing Board, NM Criminal Investigations Division, and the NM Law Enforcement Academy, thereby placing Triad in a position to provide some of the finest, most progressive training available.



David Brown, Instructor Triad DefenseAs founder of the Four Winds Martial Arts Academy and Triad Defense, I am committed to perpetuating a career-long history of uncompromising work ethic, in dedication to service to our country and local communities, by continuing to provide training of the highest quality in the fields of personal protection, public safety, law enforcement and the preservation of martial disciplines.

David P. Brown

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