David Brown

  Owner, Triad Defense



Troy Dunn

Troy Dunn, instructor Triad Defense

Troy currently serves the in the private security industry as a director of operations for a New Mexico owned company.  With over 18 years of experience in the security field Troy still maintains a heavy involvement in field operations and training, often teaching classes for his officers in use of force, situational awareness, tactics, firearms, building clearing, alarm response, and threat assessment.

Security Achievements

  • TASER Instructor since 2009
  • NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor – Handgun & Shotgun since 2009
  • FEMA - Emergency Management Institute – IS-00100, IS-00200.a, IS-00700.a, IS-00800, IS-907
  • American red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED & Blood borne Pathogens Instructor – since 2011
  • Understanding & planning for School Bomb Incidents – New Mexico Tech 2011
  • New Mexico Gang Task Force Seminar 2013
  • True Lies Detecting Deceivers – Code 4 2013
  • Licensed Level 3 Security Officer - NM Bureau of Private Investigators
  • Active shooter training with multiple law enforcement agencies
  • 1993 Certified as a Monadnok PR-24 Basic instructor thru New Mexico Department of Public Safety


Military Achievements

U.S. Marine Corps service                                                                  1983 – 1986

Served a 15 month tour Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Philippines as Sentry, Assistant Patrol Leader, Dispatch Weapons Custodian, Corporal of the Guard, & Squad Leader. 

  • MOS - infantry machine gunner (M60)
  • Recommended twice for meritorious promotion
  • Assistant Patrol Leader of one of the few Jungle patrols to capture trespassers in U.S. Naval Ammunition Magazine areas, in Subic Bay Philippines.
  • Trained as a pistol shooting coach to help qualify fellow military personnel.
  • Qualified expert rifle marksman, sharpshooter pistol marksman, 1st class machine gunner.
  • Graduated 2nd in class of weapons platoon Infantry Training School, Camp Pendleton
  • Assigned as Corporal of the Guard, Subic Bay, while still holding rank of Private First Class.
  • Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) school
  • Marine Corps Institute courses of study: M60 machinegun, basic rifleman, Non-Commissioned Officer leadership, guerilla warfare.

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