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Verbal Diplomacy

Verbal Diplomacy: Critical Communication Assessments (VDCCA), is a course which develops fundamental skills that not only strengthen the individual’s ability to de-escalate a situation, but enhance their ability to professionally communicate with the public.  This class has just as much to offer the first-line supervisor, who has regular contact with staff, as it does the front line employee interfacing with the public.


VDCCA History: The principles of VDCCA are derived from extensive research conducted by the originator, David P. Brown, during the course of his career as a homicide and violent crimes detective, narcotics agent, fugitive apprehension officer, and martial arts expert.  Mr. Brown has conducted hundreds of interrogations, formal interviews, and field contacts, as well as countless field calls, as a uniformed officer and certified probation parole officer. He is also formally trained in Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Verbal Judo, and Moral Reconation Training for which he is a certified facilitator.


Mr. Browns' experience as an undercover narcotics agent provided him with a profound working appreciation for the fact that officers often find themselves in positions where surveillance units or back-up may be minutes away or unavailable, and they are alone with single or multiple offenders.  The critical nature of these situations showcases the need for development of strong, effective communication techniques beyond what is traditionally taught in a police academy and through Verbal Judo.  Inspired by the general concepts of Verbal Judo, developed by the late Dr. George Thompson, VDCCA brings the principles of critical communication to a higher level of understanding and effectiveness. The practitioner is made aware of fundamental humanistic principles innate to everyone. Through this process we begin to understand why we say what we say, and what we mean when we say it, and thereby how best to approach, assess, neutralize, control and survive a situation.


VDCCA was created as a means for an unarmed Probation Parole Officer (90% of New Mexico PPOs are armed only as Level II security guards) to rapidly evaluate a probationer’s intentions during field calls, and to effectively de-escalate and gain compliance during critical street contact situations, without resorting to an elevated level of force. This course was regularly taught at the New Mexico Probation Parole (PP) Academy to incoming Probation Parole Officers.  Modified versions of the eight hour course were taught during staff meetings and mandated periodic training blocks throughout PP District II from 2007 until 2009. VDCCA was presented as a special seminar during the NM Department of Corrections 2009, two-day Annual Retreat in Angel Fire, NM.


VDCCA may be presented in its entirety as an 8 hour course, or critical elements may be taught in condensed presentations. The 8 hour course includes role playing, practicum and final assessments. During role playing and practicum, students are presented with hypothetical situations such as would be encountered in an urban environment. Techniques for enhancing environmental awareness as well as principles of situational de-escalation and safety issues are presented in great detail. Critical aspects of VDCCA are taught as part of an 18 hour State of NM approved Concealed Carry Curriculum also presented by Triad Defense. This course has been approved by the New Mexico Private Investigators Licensing Board.

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